With Memorial Day weekend behind us, we are now unofficially into summer. Sure, the first “real” day of summer isn’t for almost another month, but we’ve never really been ones to be told what to do. Baseball is in full swing, the weather is slowly but surely warming up, the activity around the lake is growing, cyclists are more numerous, and, to do our part, we’re releasing our annual summer seasonal, the Summer Wit.

Summer Wit is our take on a Belgian Witbier, brewed with orange and lemon peels, coriander and seeds of paradise. This spice cocktail intertwines with banana like esters from the yeast to produce a citrusy delight with a slight hint of peppery spice. The body is thicker and more luscious than you’d expect, in part from the use of oats in the mash and also from the higher carbonation, which also adds a pleasing effervescence.

The malt bill is fairly simple, using mostly Belgian Pilsner as well as dark and light German wheat. Hopping is also pretty simple, with two additions of Hallertau. We finished it off with a classic Belgian Wit yeast strain that provides that light banana, a slight tartness and tiny amount of clove.

Visually, the beer is cloudy and light gold with an outstanding white head that persists long after you start drinking it. This beer is unfiltered, and with the use of wheat, as well as the fact that this particular yeast just doesn’t like to fall out of suspension, it will stay cloudy. However, this is not out of style in the least. Summer Wit comes in around 4.8% ABV with 22 IBUs and an SRM of 5.

If you’re looking for an easy summer sipper with lots of flavor and lower alcohol, you’re going to enjoy this beer a lot. When the sun is shining and you’re sitting at the garage doors staring at the lake, not many styles will be better. We’re only producing this for the summer months, so make sure to come in and try it before the leaves start to change. Hop On!