Animals American Rye Stout - Joyride Brewing

Animals American Rye Stout

Animals is Pink Floyd’s darkest and most bitter album, narrowing the entire human race into three classes, conniving, insincere and aggressive businessmen (“Dogs”), the hypocritical, greedy and callous upper class and government (“Pigs”) and meek, obedient and dim peasants (“Sheep”). Jeez, which one do you think you are? The album is loosely based on George Orwell’s Animal Farm, released in 1945. However, Animal Farm is a critique of communism and Stalinism, while Animals is a strong critique of capitalism. Pigs…

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Boxer Saison - Joyride Brewing

Boxer Saison

Saison might have been the first beer style that made me go “whoa.” I had drank a lot of American craft styles, such as Ambers, Browns, Stouts, Pale Ales and IPAs, but hadn’t ventured into the Belgian styles yet. I think my first Saison was probably Ommegang’s “Hennepin” or Boulevard’s “Tank 7.” Once I got my hands on one, I was obsessed. It almost immediately became my favorite beer style (for a time, at least). To this day, it is…

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Wish You Were Here Blood Orange Black IPA - Joyride Brewing

Wish You Were Here-Blood Orange Black IPA

Wish You Were Here may not be as well known as the massive, globally successful Dark Side of the Moon, but it may be Floyd at their absolute peak. After breaking from their normal song structure on Dark Side, Floyd returned a bit to the style of their previous works, designing longer and experimental songs. It took awhile for the album to come together as the band was completely drained from the success of Dark Side and the touring that…

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Alpenglow Winter Warmer - Joyride Brewing

Alpenglow Winter Warmer

Originally named Whale’s Tail Winter Warmer after the ski run at Breckenridge, Alpenglow is one of our oldest recipes from our homebrew days, and it was the first beer we won an award with. We had been homebrewing for less than a year and we finally felt comfortable entering beers into competition, so we entered the Snowdown Homebrew Competition hosted by Ska Brewing and took home first place in it’s category. Imagine our excitement for winning a blue ribbon in…

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Belgian Strong Dark…Side of the Moon - Joyride Brewing

Belgian Strong Dark…Side of the Moon

It starts with silence, like someone forgot to press the right button. But then here it comes slowly, a heartbeat. And it’s just a heartbeat for a short time, growing louder, a constant thumping coming through the speakers. Soon there’s a swooshing, then a chatter like noise, then some light, almost indistinguishable talking complemented by what sounds like the laughter from an insane asylum. Finally, there’s a woman’s voice that sounds like she’s screaming like a newborn. It builds and…

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TD Brown and Scarecrow Pumpkin Ales - Joyride Brewing

Naughty and Nice Porters

The genesis of Naughty and Nice comes from our homebrewing days, back in December of 2012. During that time, we had brewed 12 different beers and gave them to our friends and family as Christmas gifts, and the project was affectionately known as the 12 Beers Of Christmas. One of the beers we had been brewing on an annual basis since 2009, which was a stout that we infused with vanilla beans and bourbon soaked oak chips. To add some…

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Pink Floyd Series at Joyride Brewing

Introducing the Pink Floyd series

I think the first time I ever listened to Pink Floyd was when I was in junior high. I had started to discover my parent’s classic rock collection, and was regularly spinning their Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd records. I don’t know if they had Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl, but I remember listening to it on CD. I remember it being a very good and enjoyable record, but at the time, I was a Zeppelin fanatic,…

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Beers for your Thanksgiving Table

Growing up, Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday, but in the past 5 years or so, it has almost grown to a mythical status. Instead of it just being another holiday, it has become my holy day. A large part of that is due to my training and certification with the CiceroneⓇ Program, which required me to immerse myself in the world of beer and food pairing. Thanksgiving has now become the perfect opportunity to do a beer pairing dinner,…

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Defiance Belgian Dubbel

I don’t think I can remember the first Belgian Dubbel I ever had, but my guess would be that it was either a Chimay Premiere (Red) or New Belgium’s Abbey. I can actually remember the first time I had New Belgium’s Abbey. I was on a road trip with my friend Dave from San Diego to Chicago, making several stops in between. One of the those stops was in Fort Collins. We stayed at a hotel in town and borrowed…

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Joyride Brewing Pint Glass

Wolf Wrestler Wee Heavy

One of my favorite all-time Simpsons characters has to be Groundskeeper Willie. Between his appearances in the annual “Treehouse of Horror” episodes, his overall surliness and catch phrase, it’s hard to find a Simpsons fan out there who doesn’t appreciate ol’ Willie. According to the internet (so it has to be true), Willie’s character was originally just supposed to be an angry janitor. Dan Castellaneta, who does the voice, originally tried out the character in a Spanish accent, secondly as…

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Joyride Brewing Company is a small craft brewery in Edgewater, CO, across the street from the banks of Sloan’s Lake. We have a 10 barrel brewhouse with eight serving tanks and 6 fermenters. Our taproom is around 1600 sq ft and can hold about 95 people. Please join us and enjoy the majestic views of the lake from our six rollup glass garage doors. Cheers!