BeerTender Tuesday #1: Nathan

(Editor’s Note: We’re starting a new section in our blog highlighting the awesome people who work here. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them better!) What do you do at Joyride? What day of the week is it? I have been with Joyride since shortly after we started construction on the building, where I helped with some of the construction before we opened our doors.   Since our opening, I have been behind the bar and also began learning the…

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Abbey Road Belgian Dubbel with Fruit - Joyride Brewing

Abbey Road Belgian Dubbel with Fruit

Rubber Soul was groundbreaking, Revolver is possibly The Beatles at their best, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band is perhaps their most important, and The White Album is their most diverse. But Abbey Road is most likely my favorite, and probably the one I listen to the most. There is just something about Abbey Road that makes me come back to it again and again. Perhaps, because it was the last album the group worked on together, it captures them…

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Rubber Soul ESB - Joyride Brewing

Rubber Soul ESB

In my opinion, Rubber Soul represents the exact moment in time when the Beatles were transitioning from their early day sound (like “A Hard Day’s Night”) to their studio masterpieces. However, this doesn’t mean Rubber Soul should be overlooked. In fact, if the band never made a record after Rubber Soul, they’d still be going to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Kind of like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement the first time to win his 2nd three-peat.…

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The White (Album) Double IPA - Joyride Brewing

The White (Album) Double IPA

Growing up, I wasn’t always the biggest Beatles fan. In fact, for the longest time, I actually had a distaste for them. When my family would go to a Christmas tree farm to cut down our own tree, there was a time when they were picking me up from a friend’s house after a sleep-over, and they’d normally be showing up early after I had stayed up late playing video games. On the radio on the way to the tree…

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Revolver Farmhouse Ale - Joyride Brewing

Revolver Farmhouse Ale

The Beatles were on top of their game in 1966. They had just released Rubber Soul in December of 1965, and were riding high with accolades. Rubber Soul had effectively changed how pop albums would be created moving forward, with The Beatles making an effort to make an entire artistic album from start to finish, rather than one or two singles with some filler thrown in. The band’s business manager, Brian Epstein, wanted to capitalize on the Rubber Soul high…

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Sgt. Pepper’s Kettle Soured Mango IPA - Joyride Brewing

Sgt. Pepper’s Kettle Soured Mango IPA

It’s 1967, and the Beatles are burned out. They’ve been touring extensively around the world, complete with accompanying interviews and other press engagements. They’d become dissatisfied with the composition of their concert audience, who they felt only came for the spectacle of seeing the Beatles and to scream, rather than being there to actually listen to the music. They were also dealing with a severe public backlash due to Lennon’s “Bigger than Jesus” comment. They had begun to record a…

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Introducing The Beatles series - Joyride Brewing

Introducing The Beatles series

Let’s just get one thing straight from the beginning, the Beatles are the greatest, most influential, and important band to ever live. There are far better researched and written accounts of their influence on music, culture, fashion, etc. than I could ever even hope to do, so I’m not going to even attempt it. What I would like to do is a basic breakdown of the 5 albums I have chosen for this series, and give a glimpse of my…

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Starfire Schwarzbier Collab with Heretic Brewing - Joyride Brewing

Starfire Schwarzbier Collab w/Heretic Brewing

One of the coolest things about our industry is the level of camaraderie between different breweries and their brewers. We really enjoy talking and hanging out with each other and exchanging information. When we were in the planning stages of opening up Joyride, many different breweries were very open with their information in order to help us out. To this day, most brewers willfully give up just about any detail about a beer that I’m curious about. Hopefully, everyone will…

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Emerald Irish Stout - Joyride Brewing

Emerald Irish Stout

While our Irish Stout is produced and released with St. Patrick’s Day in mind, an Irish Stout can be, and should be, so much more than just a St. Pat’s Day treat. That being said, I certainly had my fair share of Stouts last night. But we shouldn’t let the word “stout” scare us off. A lot of people bunch all styles of stout together in one group, assuming they are all super thick, syrupy, boozy and in your face.…

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Coda Coffee Porter - Joyride Brewing

Coda Coffee Porter

There’s an old and famous saying in the wine industry that “It takes a lot of great beer to make great wine.” Russian River Brewing Company in the heart of California wine country even makes a beer named that. The reason is that when workers on the vineyard are sweating in the sun, they’re usually reaching for some brewskis instead of a bold Cabernet. If it takes a lot of great beer to make great wine, then it must take…

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Joyride Brewing Company is a small craft brewery in Edgewater, CO, across the street from the banks of Sloan’s Lake. The brewery opened for business on July 16, 2014. We have a 10 barrel brewhouse with ten serving tanks and 11 fermenters. Our downstairs taproom is around 1600 sq ft and can hold about 95 people. Our upstairs rooftop patio is around 2400 sq ft and can hold an additional 150 people. Please join us and enjoy the majestic views of the lake with some of the finest beer in town.