What do you do at Joyride?
Sling beers, encourage people to try new things and pet puppies! All while having a good time!

Where are you from?
Grant, Florida. It’s a small town on the East coast of Florida just barely north of Sebastian. Grant is known mostly for its small Seafood festival, 4-wheeling, and its access to the Indian River.  I moved to Denver 4 years ago.

Why did you move to Colorado?
My man’s a hot male nurse (Gaylord Focker style) and got a travel gig here so we could snowboard more and we never left. We fell in love with biking, hiking, and camping without risking being eaten alive by mosquitoes!

What did you do before Joyride?
I’ve done a little bit of everything! I’ve been a dog walker, barista, bartender, lawn mower, nanny, surf instructor, waitress, receptionist, corporate call center worker, pediatric dental assistant, and a yoga teacher. Ommmm.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Joyride?
Laid back atmosphere, hardworking coworkers and all of my pup pals! Big shout outs to Nala, Petty, Sloan, Moe, Luna, Buster and Scout, Penny, Stella x 2, Dax, Lola, Dingo, Prango, Wombat, Jeff’s cat I’ve never met, Dylon’s super cute red heeler, Rosie, Audrey, and the other 30 dogs I wrote down and then lost the list 🙁

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?
Party in the woods with my pooch, hike, trail run, snowboard, snowshoe, ride my bike all around town with some tunes in my ears and hunt for open water to swim in!

What’s your favorite type of music/band?
Van The Man Baby! I can listen to it all but some of my favorites are E.L.O., Van Morrison, Odesza, Willie Nelson, Future Islands and George Strait. I’m really all over the board.

Favorite beer section:
What’s your all time favorite beer?
Weldworks Fruity Bits Strawberry Shortcake edition with strawberries, vanilla, and lactose! Smooth creamy mouth feel, beautiful aroma, huge juicy punch of strawberry and a light vanilla finish to round it all out. I freaking love that beer.

Favorite beer Joyride has ever made?
Miami Weisse! Strawberry and pina colada inspired Berliner weisse! Why? A) I’m from Florida and am a pina colada fiend! B) I love me a good sour!

Favorite Joyride beer currently on tap?
Take The Ride – Hazy IPA with apricot! This hazy IPA has “MORE JUICE!” Mosaic and Ekuanot pellets and lupulin powder add flavors of blueberry, mango, pine and melon! The added apricot purée adds to the beautiful burnt orange, Colorado sunset-esque color and the juice! Not to mention the aroma of this beer is utterly enticing! In the words of Dave, I’ve got a “craze for the haze.”

You’re stuck on a desert island and can only drink one style of beer for the rest of your life. What is it?
A Radler. At 2.5% I could drink beer all day, stay semi hydrated and I love that the Stiegl Radler Grapefruit uses real grapefruit juice. What a treat to go with my nightly lobster.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited?
North shore of Oahu, Hawaii or Crestone. I love the ocean but I also love hot springs and weird hobbit yurts! Oahu was incredibly beautiful, I got to fish and make fresh ceviche on the boat and dive with turtles while also doing some of the craziest hiking I’ve ever seen. Crestone also has some wild hikes, wilder folks to chat with, and over a quarter million Brazilian bats that you can watch fly out of an old mine while sitting in a hot spring so they’re tied in my book.

When can people normally find you at Joyride?
Every day but Monday and Wednesday!