What do you do at Joyride?

Hired on back in early 2014 as one of the original brewers/bartenders at Joyride, I worked for the company full time for about two and a half years before making the move up to Breckenridge to become a distiller. These days, I still brew and bartend at Joyride a few times a month, and I also work full time for Tap XIV Lodo and will be transitioning to the new Tap XIV Uptown location in mid-December.

Where in Colorado are you from?

I am a Denver native, actually. I graduated from JFK High School and have also lived in Littleton, Westminster, Broomfield, Thornton, and Breckenridge.

What’s the best part about being a Colorado native?

Simply being able to grow up and make memories in this absolutely majestic and gorgeous state for the vast majority of my life. Plus there’s this unique sense of pride that comes with being a true Colorado native, and it’s always fun to find one another since we’re relatively rare. Side note: if you’re a native too and see me while I’m bartending, come introduce yourself and we’ll do a beer shot together!

What did you do before Joyride?

I had been in the service industry for about 10 years before coming to Joyride, and was working at a place called the Cheeky Monk Belgian Beer Cafe, which was in Cap Hill. I was a regular at the nearby bar where BeerTender Nathan Lincoln worked at, and we became fast friends over our shared love of beer. One day he told he a couple of his buddies were opening a brewery, and that if I was interested in something a little different, I should reach out. About a week later, I met with Grant and Dave in the still unfinished taproom of what was to become Joyride, and you can say the rest is history.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Joyride?

Not trying to sound cheesy or anything, but walking into Joyride just feels like going home to me. I have met so many amazing people at Joyride, and whenever I walk in, whether it be to work a shift or just to hang out for a beer or two, it feels like I’m surrounded by family. Also, the dogs are pretty rad too, especially the puppies.

What do you like to do for fun when you’re not working?

I try to go to the gym almost everyday, and I also am constantly doing research and studying about beer and spirits. I love reading and listening to podcasts and absorbing everything I can about the various histories and scientific methods that go into producing beer and liquor. I’m also a big baseball fan, so hitting up a game or two is always big on my priority list during the season.

What’s your favorite type of music/band?

I’m very all over the place with my music in general. Most recently/frequently played by me include Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, Turnpike Troubadours, Glass Animals, Silversun Pickups, Modest Mouse, Bishop Briggs, the Steeldrivers, Chris Stapleton, Kings of Leon, Amy Winehouse… but there’s so much more. I love music.

What’s your all time favorite beer?

Cuvée de Jacobins Rouge. It was the first real sour I ever tasted, and it used to be on tap at a bar I worked at. It’s a Flemish sour that’s aged in wood and ends up tasting like tart cherries/berries. If you like sours and haven’t tried it, I highly recommend seeking it out!

Favorite Beer Joyride has ever made?

I’ll have to go with the very first edition we did of the So Fresh and So Cream series, the one with strawberries in it. So good! That, and the Emerald Irish Stout, as I’m a sucker for good dry stouts on nitro.

Favorite Joyride beer currently on tap?

I’ve got to say, I’m gonna have to go with the Mild Plus. Even though it’s a bit lower on the ABV spectrum than I usually gravitate towards, but the chocolate and toffee notes combine with amazing drinkability that keeps you coming back for more.

You’re stuck on a desert island and can only drink one style of beer for the rest of your life. What is it?

Something easy and light, if I’m on a desert island and all, probably a kolsch or an American Pale Ale of some sort. Dale’s is always a good go-to.

Favorite place you’ve ever visited?

I haven’t done that much traveling in my life yet, something I’ve actually been working on lately! So far, I’d have to say New York, San Francisco, I tend to always have a lot of fun in Florida, the eclipse in Portland this summer was amazing, and, of course, every single trip I ever make to the mountains.

When can people normally find you at Joyride?
You never know! I still brew and bartend from time to time and I always enjoy visiting the taproom for a beer or two on my off days. You’ll definitely see me sooner rather than later!