BeerTender Tuesday

BeerTender Tuesday #4: Claire

What do you do at Joyride? Bartend and serve, mostly. But, I recently started working with our design and marketing team as well. Oh, and pet all the dogs. Where are you from, and when did you move to Colorado? I’m from northern New York. Waaayyy up there. Practically Canada, eh? Why did you move to Colorado? I have always dreamt of coming out here. My dad was a ski instructor in Breckenridge when he was younger, so naturally I…

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BeerTender Tuesday #3: Shan

What do you do at Joyride? Beertender extraordinaire, talk smack, make it rain joy, spin fanciful tall tales of Brad’s history as a member of a competitive accapella team… Basically I just have a great time and bring the bubbly goodness to the people. Where are you from, and when did you move to Colorado? Originally from Texas… REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!! Moved to Colorado 14 years ago and I ain’t looked back. Why did you move to Colorado? See above……

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BeerTender Tuesday #1: Nathan

(Editor’s Note: We’re starting a new section in our blog highlighting the awesome people who work here. We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know them better!) What do you do at Joyride? What day of the week is it? I have been with Joyride since shortly after we started construction on the building, where I helped with some of the construction before we opened our doors.   Since our opening, I have been behind the bar and also began learning the…

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Joyride Brewing Company is a small craft brewery in Edgewater, CO, across the street from the banks of Sloan’s Lake. We have a 10 barrel brewhouse with eight serving tanks and 6 fermenters. Our taproom is around 1600 sq ft and can hold about 95 people. Please join us and enjoy the majestic views of the lake from our six rollup glass garage doors. Cheers!