Summer Wit, the Summer Seasonal, Returns

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, we are now unofficially into summer. Sure, the first “real” day of summer isn’t for almost another month, but we’ve never really been ones to be told what to do. Baseball is in full swing, the weather is slowly but surely warming up, the activity around the lake is Read More

Blonde on (Belgian) Blond Ale w/Apricots

It’s hard to know exactly where to start with Blonde on Blonde as it’s one of my all time favorite albums and a true masterpiece. It’s widely regarded as one of the greatest albums ever made, and is one of only two of his albums to go 2x Platinum in the US (the other being Read More

Blood On The Tracks India Red Ale

For the second release of our Bob Dylan series, we fast forwarded 10 years from our first release, Bringing It All Back Home. This time difference resulted in a lot of change for Dylan, most notably his motorcycle accident in 1966 that lead to him not touring for 8 years, as well as becoming estranged Read More

Bringing It All Back Home Sour IPA

For the first release in our Dylan series, I thought an excellent start would be his 1965 release, Bringing It All Back Home. By this time, Dylan had felt like “a pawn in the game” with the folk and protest music scene stifling his creativity and using him for their own purposes. On “Maggie’s Farm”, Read More

Introducing the Bob Dylan Series

(Brewer’s note: Joyride will be releasing a 5 part Bob Dylan beer series over the course of the next month, all based off individual albums. The first release will be “Bringing it All Back Home Sour IPA” on Wednesday, May 13th) I should start by expressing that I am not a music critic, or even Read More

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